Design Systems Architect

a person who organizes resources with design and engineering collaboration for the purpose of crafting cohesive user experiences.

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Areas of Engagement

accessibility_new Accessibility

I am W3C accessibility certified. My work strives for an inclusive experience for everyone by putting user preferences first.

language Localization

I study foreign language and cultures recreationally. My work highlights areas of support for audiences all around the world.

history_edu Documentation

I participate in the Write the Docs community. I introduce empathy into guidelines and help teams execute with clarity.

token Design Tokens

I am a member of the W3C Design Tokens Working Group. I harness the potential of a semantic naming framework that favors intentions.

settings_input_component Components

I've built dozens of reusable components using popular web frameworks. My approach is custom to the needs of each team and project.

power Tooling

I've published several open-source packages for public distribution. I bridge the gap by streamlining the handoff process.

Design + Development

I have built and maintained design systems for large companies by being an active liasion between the product design and engineering teams. I have interdisplicinary skills in both art and technology, which help craft solutions for different needs. My interest in design systems comes from a curiousity about how the entire system is viewed by the user; how they respond and interact with it.

Chat with me if you have a project that needs a digital handyman to synethsize user needs into functional designs. I work in code so my deliverables can be wired into existing codebases as an accurate developer handoff; ready for the world to experience.

DAMATO Design System

How can we improve an experience without focusing on style? How might we provide detailed guidelines for mixed stakeholders using thoughtful design and inclusive technologies?

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Giving Back

With over 20 years of experience in web design and development, I find teaching to be a greatly rewarding practice. I am a thought-provoking educator who has taught numerous classes about the value of user experience and engineering approaches. I use everyday ideas and tasks to describe complex concepts. This is often evaluated by the students as more informative than common bootcamp methods.

Chat with me if you need understanding in any of my areas of expertise. I am more than happy to assist where I can in the path toward collective enlightment.