Senior UX Engineer, Design Systems

I started my career at Compass as a frontend engineer but opportunities arose that helped shape the UX Engineer role. Now the sole engineer reporting under the design organization, I was originally responsible for supporting product designers in creating prototypes of their mockups. I quickly realized that I was remaking the same assets for every new prototype and began building a component library. Harnessing my relationships within the design organization, I was able to create a solid representation of a component library based on the design’s needs within the codebase. This became a valuable resource for engineering teams’ tasks with building the production version of vetted designs.

Later I was responsible for the global navigation of the internal site which was to be injected into every application. It was important to understand the current state of each application; as they were built by different teams in various methods. The final deliverable was able to be rendered on the client or server. It was also framework-agnostic; and able to be included in legacy and modern applications.

I also mentored the engineers in the brand and marketing department in ways that aligned with our existing engineering model and upgraded existing technologies to better support the needs of the business.

Toward the end of my tenure at Compass, I grew the Design Systems team to include product designers, content writers and additional UX engineers. I led the team to consider novel ways of supporting our designers and engineers in creating a consistent look and feel for Compass and the internal tools for real estate agents. Much of my work continues to exist on the site and within the application today.