Instructor, Web Development

I always enjoyed going to meetups and when Galvanize was beginning to make a presence in New York City with a regular cadence, it was a great opportunity to continue networking. Eventually, they began intro to coding meetups and because of my prior experience, they offered me a volunteer assistant role.

Staff and management changed over time as the school was updated and the folks who were originally leading the curriculum went on to other projects. I remained as a volunteer to now lead the intro to coding meetups and had a regular HTML/CSS event and intro to JavaScript event for several months, often with dozens of people in attendance. Some of those folks went on to enroll in the coursework and would later enter the engineering workforce at companies around the city.

I took great pride in the way that I taught my material; providing real-world analogies the conceptualize coding practices. I had several hands-on lessons that would switch on mental lightbulbs for students of all backgrounds.

Galvanize eventually partnered with another company to handle the meetups which made my role a conflict of interest and I left that responsibility. They no longer have a presence in New York.