Roxor Games

Roxor Games

Gameplay Designer

After high school, I was heavily involved in the rhythm game community, specifically Dance Dance Revolution. I was internationally recognized not only for my performance on the arcade stage but also as a thought leader for quality gameplay.

I took an interest in what makes certain songs and charts more enjoyable than others, eventually writing about my thoughts in a small thesis and experimenting with different patterns while folks in the community provided positive feedback.

The group at Roxor Games took notice and asked that I become a gameplay artist for their upcoming game called In The Groove 3. I would go on to create steps for nearly 70% of the game; mostly covering doubles charts (where a player uses two stages at the same time; covering 8 arrows).

Unfortunately, the company underwent a legal battle with Konami and did not create an official release of the game. My work does live on in some different mediums.